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Ever notice that so many hacking plans call for Radio Hack parts? Ever notice how easy it is to make a Red Box out of the latest Tone Dialer? (I have and will have plans here soon!) Ever notice that Radio Hack still sells scanners, like my Model 20-511, that will get cellfones? Face it, if it weren't for hackers Radio Hack would be poor!

This page is dedicated to our favorite electronics store, and how to get the most out of it!!!!

As of this writing, the current issue of 2600, The Hacker Quarterly, has my article on how to get past the idiotic screensaver password on the Comhack computers being sold at your local Radio Hack and "improve" their philes! Go out and buy it, OK?

How to Build A Redbox Out Of The Latest Tone Dialer

How To Make a Redbox: Get the Data Directory Dialer. Slap in a new Xtal and a couple of mercury switches so it's tilt-switchable and works as a redbox when it's held upside-down. Smile.

Not very user-friendly, is this? Relax, I'm adding info as I get the time. The models of the two tone dialers that will work are, 65-721 Data Directory Dialer, and the one that's a little PDA. What you want to do is get a 6.5000 MHz crystal from Mouser Electronics, the LITTLE one, and for each redbox 2 merury switches, also from Mouser. Unsolder one side of the little yellow thing inside the dialer that looks like a capacitor, solder one side of the new crystal to the side of the yellow thing that's still attached, take the two mercury switches, and solder them together so that one lead is in common, and solder that lead to the "pad" on the circuit board in the dialer that you desoldered on lead of the yellow thing from. Then connect the two free leads on the crystals to the two free leads on the double mercury switch. Now, you want to have this so that when the dialer is upside-up, it dials normally, and when it's held upside down, it's a redbox. So, you have to have the mercury switches pointed opposite from each other like the two fish in the Pisces symbol in astrology. You have to have it so that the blob of mercury is on the little wires in the one that's connected to the wire on the yellow crystal. I know, this is fucked to try to do without pictures, I'm working on it. You have to have this so that when you close up the dialer it won't break or anything, too! I'm an experienced electronics tech, and it's not all that easy for ME. So, don't feel bad if you have trouble, everyone else is too. The advantage of this type of redbox is the average person isn't going to think to see if it sounds any different when it's upside down.

Stuff I'm Not Supposed To Have And You're Not Supposed To See!

This will be a set of "For Internal Use Only" phone #'s and other "secret" stuff like what they pay wholesale for the stuff they sell to you'n'me!

Secret Radio Hack Numbers!!

Modem down in 501-land, I think this is for modeming in the daily sales report. -1-501-541-1901
Cellular Technical Support - 1-800-2-Tandy-4
Faxback - 1-800-323-6586
Employee Awareness Reporting System (EARS) 1-800-826-3915
Accounting - Daily Reports - 817-390-3316
Accounting-Payroll - 817-390-3324
Have More Fun With Your Scanner - Mod It!

1)Press and hold [2]&[9]&[LOCKOUT] & turn the radio on.
2) Step to Channel 15 to display 888.960 MHz (a factory test freq).
3) Press [UP] or [DOWN] search arrow to scan the band

1) Remove Power and antenna
2) Remove screws from the case.
3) Locate the LOGIC circuit board (probably has this written on it).
4) Locate and cut Diode D11.
5) Reassemble the radio listen away!

1) Remove Battry and antenna
2) Remove 4 screws from the case
3)Remove the Volume and Squelch knobs
4) Unsnap and remove back cover
5) Remove 4 hex screws holding top circuit board
6) Unsolder the BNC center pin and two wires on volume control, and additional ground wire on bottom of board to metal shield may need to be removed
7) Unplug circuit board and move away
8) Remove 3 screws on metal cover plate and remove it
9) Locate and cut Diode D11 on logic board
10) Reassemble the radio.

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